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A project to find, gather, and share “wordless music”—songs (mostly) without words, spanning genres but mostly instrumental, rock, & electronic—to listen to while working, reading, writing, driving, studying, or just jamming out.


Follow our ever-growing main wordless playlist and check out our best of 2023 mix and genre playlists.


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Black and White Cassette Tape

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(post) rock on!



Image by Blaz Erzetic

Years ago, we started sharing wordless music. We're old friends with similar musical tastes and a preference for music without words when working, reading, or studying – easier to concentrate without lyrics. In early 2020, we shared the hobby with like-minded listeners...


Image by Alexandre Debiève

Follow along here as we build out our favorite wordless songs - a playlist we started a decade ago. Currently about 3 days' worth of wordless listening, updated monthly... 

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